Monday, April 1, 2013

April is here

I have not been here in a few weeks now. It was due. Here is what I have been up to - Weekly mileage in March was high. I peaked at 60 miles for this marathon training and started tapering last week. The mileage for the month of March has been highest for my records - 230 miles.
My longest run was 23 miles on March 24th.

Monthly mileage for 2013 so far...
I named this run- 23 on 24. Last weekend was interesting as I started to see early symptoms of a cold that could have brought me down. I started overdosing myself on day time cold fighting over the counter syrups and Vitamin C. My extreme was putting emergence-E in OJ. Saturday was a drag and then I had to be out on Sunday mentally preparing myself to run for almost 3 hours. I kept this run flat and easy. I must have averaged 7:28 and felt OK. No body issues or aches. Only medication effect that was making me in a dreamy mood for more than half of my run. There was nothing eventful about my longest run. All this time in my training, I was thinking of doing something interesting for this run but I guess by now I am tired. yes, I am. Not so much physically but the uncertainty of anything screaming in my body that could be a sign of injury. Now that the hamstrings have been fine for a few weeks, my calf has been the area of attention. It is again the left leg. It is all related. I know! But it is hard to nail down one thing that is causing all this and putting me off balance. if it were an IT band issue, I would have been able to resolve it by now. But this darn thing is unknown! I have inherited my calves from my dad. They are big, very well shaped... just like a gigantic drum stick. My shin bone does not seem narrow for that sized calf. But my calf is prone to getting these knots of damaged muscle fibres that get stubborn over time. This has been my major cause of annoyance last 2-3 weeks. If you have been reading earlier entries of my blog, you would have noticed that this training has not been a smooth ride. It is almost over and when I do look back, I think time has flown by. But it still feels to be a long training. Weird!

Work front - I have been still busy at work. More responsibilities and more challenges. I am enjoying it. Keeps me occupied.

Social Life - I do manage to see friends at least once in a weekend. sometimes a week night meeting here or there. Since the tapering, I decided to escape Boston and went to New York this past weekend to see friends- Letitia (from London) and Kinjal, who lives in Jersey city. It was a nice escape. I left after my long run on Saturday on a bus. This trip was mainly catching up and of course any catch up is around gastronomic activity and so was this weekend. A wine bar and over dosing on cheeses, wine and charcuterie made it all a nice full belly on Saturday. A nice cozy brunch with Kinjal on Sunday while it was drizzling out in a prefect setting of a West village cafe made for a perfect easy afternoon.

Running- Since last week I have been running my week day runs in the evening. I am tired of cold mornings and running in the evening just lets me enjoy sun more. Another change is a new place to run. Minuteman bike path runs close to the city. I have parked my car on my way back home and trailed down the path a few times this week. That gave me a nice change and also see a new neighborhood. The bike path is pretty. The houses are staggered around the path in no particular order so gives it a character and not the stereotypical americano suburbia. The terrain is varied and you see roads crossing over a bridge running under a bike path, kids playing in a park, rear entrance of interesting looking buildings, some body's landscaping dig, a cute waterfall and quietness.

I will keep you posted on how the calf turns out to be. At this point I am refraining from being overly zealous and optimistic

Happy April


  1. I am so glad u had an awesome time in NY !!!! I am 100% sure u r inspiring others.. the same u r inspiring me !!!!! Can't wait to cheer u down Beacon Street !!!!!